How to Obtain Your Medical Records

Obtaining Your Medical Records is Easy and Necessary Before Your Appointment

In order for you to get your Kentucky medical cannabis recommendation from one of our doctors, you will need to have your previous medical records available.

This process is quick and easy, and we've outlined some of the most common ways for you to get those records before your appointment below.

To obtain a medical marijuana certificate in Kentucky, you must provide medical records that indicate you have one or more of the "qualifying conditions" recognized under Kentucky law.

Your medical records are created by your doctors during your visits. However, not all medical records may include the necessary information to confirm your qualifying condition. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your records mention the specific condition or conditions that you claim. Bills from your doctor, disability statements, or self-filled forms are not considered as medical records.

Under the law, we can only review records from a licensed M.D. or D.O. in Kentucky. We are not authorized to accept records from doctors practicing in other states to confirm a qualifying condition.

Special note about post-traumatic stress disorder: We acknowledge that PTSD is a qualifying condition, and many people seek counseling and therapy for it. To confirm a PTSD diagnosis made by a non-physician, our doctors will ask you questions about what happened and your current symptoms. This way, your PTSD diagnosis can be confirmed by a Kentucky Green ReLeaf doctor. We understand that this may cause some discomfort, but we are obligated to follow the state's rules.

Special note about pain: The qualifying condition for medical marijuana is chronic and severe pain or intractable pain. "Chronic" means the pain must have persisted for at least three months. "Severe" generally means it is bad enough to seek medical attention. "Intractable" implies that no treatment has worked so far. If you submit records that mention a previous injury or surgery, it does not confirm that you still have pain. Current medical records must indicate that you are still experiencing pain, and it is not improving despite regular medical treatment.

To expedite the process of getting your certificate, ensure that Kentucky Green ReLeaf has your records at the time of your visit. You can provide us with your records in any of the following five ways:

  1. If you have physical copies of your records, you can scan and upload them to our website or bring in copies when you visit. We are required to keep your records for three years.
  2. You can electronically sign the release form on our website, and we will fax it to your doctor. This is usually the slowest way to obtain medical records. We will need your doctor's office number and fax number.
  3. You can sign the release form, print it, and deliver it to your doctor's office (or the hospital, if you were hospitalized due to your qualifying condition). However, do not expect to receive your records immediately.
  4. If your doctor or hospital uses MyChart, you can request your records after logging in to the MyChart site. Follow the instructions under the "Messaging" tab to request your doctor's office or hospital records. Once you receive notification that the records are available, go to the "Health" tab, access the "Document Center," and select either the last visit to your doctor or the "Lucy Summary." Download these records and bring copies with you or upload them to our website.
  5. You can fax your records directly to us at 513-802-5324.